About the endorsers:

The organizations above have endorsed the Just Recovery principles outlined here. Together, we’re calling for COVID-19 relief and stimulus packages to contribute to a fair and just recovery by upholding these principles.

If your grassroots group, coalition, organization, or collective wants to endorse the principles for a Just Recovery, add your name here.

Are you an individual who wants to support a Just Recovery? Check out the organizations below to find out how you can get involved!


Join the Movement for a Just Recovery

If we can bring together enough of our neighbours and friends and convince them to talk to their neighbours and friends about why we need a Just Recovery, we can build a movement that no politician can ignore.

Spread the Word

We need all hands on deck to win the fight for a Just Recovery. Luckily, we’re working with campaigners across the country who are already getting to work. You can take action to support campaigns for a Just Recovery.

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